Winter Hike - The Irish Eye

      The holidays have come and gone. What a whirlwind the last few months have been. It feels like we've been going nonstop for quite some time. During a recent respite my wife had the great idea to take our grandsons for a hike along one of the local trails – the Thimbleberry Lake/Hart Lake Trail. This is normally a very accessible easy hike.

     You reach the first lake five minutes into the trail. Our hike didn't last much longer than that. Just as soon as we got there our three hooligans started pulling chunks of ice from the lake and throwing them as far as they could. Harmless enough, except their gloves were soaked through and the temperatures were below freezing. The decision was a no brainer – the kids had to be taken home. We lingered for a few minutes, venturing a little further down the trail but we knew our time was short. The day was beautiful, we were reluctant to leave. My wife took this boys back to the trail head while I dawdled, snapping a few more shots. We'll be back, we enjoy this place too much.

Thimbleberry Lake in Winter