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Many of the images on this site were taken while I was Chief Mate on one of Alaskan Dream Cruise's ships.  If you're considering a small cruise ship tour of Alaska you couldn't do better than: Alaskan Dream Cruises

     If you visit Sitka there are many great things and places to see.  Some celebrate our town's Tlingit Heritage, others the Russians influence here.  There are great natural features to enjoy and great recreational acitivities.  The three places I recommend you see:
     - The Raptor Center, a rehabilitation center for injured birds, primarily Eagles: Alaska Raptor Center
     - The Fortress of the Bear, a home for bears who wouldn't survive in the wild:  Fortress of the Bear
     - Totem Park offers Totem Poles, great marine views, samples of Tlingit culture and a glimpse into the struggle between the local Native Alaskans, the Tlingit People, and the Russians: Sitka National Historic Park

If you're still looking for an Alaskan Image I recommend you check out these sites:     

     Simon Hook is a great photographer.  I learned a lot from Simon when we worked together, I am continually amazed by his photos: 3 Waves Photography      

     Christine Davenport, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her.  I love her work:   Xtinepix     

     Brenda Shwartz-Yeager is an artist specailizing in Alaskan Marine motifs.  I own several of her pieces, she is a friend and my favorite artist:  Marine Artist Brenda Shwartz-Yeager